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Are you concerned about your weight? Are you having difficulty losing weight? Is your self-esteem, self-worth, or confidence low because of your weight? You are not alone.

Approximately 130 million Americans--two-thirds of adults in the U.S.--are overweight. With so many of us looking for answers to our collective weight problem, you shouldn't feel like you have to go it alone. That's why we're here.

Whether you're looking to lose a little weight or make wholesale changes in your life, The Obesity Resource Center is here to help you and millions of others like you. Here you will find a community dedicated to providing a wide variety of resources covering obesity and weight loss: medical problems, exercise and diet, Q&A with medical professionals , weight-loss surgery, forums, information and education.

If you've made the decision to do something about your weight, take the first step here.

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2006-10-17 Bariatric Surgery Has Potential To Help Improve Brain Function, Avoid Alzheimer's  
A study presented at the Endocrinological Society's meeting in June and reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has linked obesity-related insulin resistance with decreased brain function and early Alzheimer's Disease......  Read More>>


2006-10-03 Study Shows LapBandŽ Surgery May Have Long-Term Complications  
In a recent study, a group of physicians from Switzerland led by Dr. M. Suter, MD, PD, FACS, examined the long-term complications related to LapBand weight-loss surgery. The study demonstrated that LapandŽ long-term complications increase over time.....  Read More>>


2006-09-21 Obesity Rate in Hawaiian Youth Double the Mainland: Vertical Gastrecto my The Answer?  
Recently published articles in the Star Online Bulletin reveal that more than 20% of Hawaii's youth are overweight, a number twice as high as the national rate....  Read More>>


2006-08-14 Announced Launch Of Plus-Size Online Dating Service has announced the launch of a new online dating network: is designed to provide a fun, comfortable and safe online environment where plus-size people can create and develop meaningful relationships with members of the community...  Read More>>


2006-08-12 Patients With 32-35 BMI Benefit From Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery  
A recent study published in the pages of Elsevier, a medical journal covering surgery for obesity and related diseases, concluded that obese patients with a BMI between 32-35 kg/m2 can benefit from laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery...  Read More>>


2006-08-10 Mortality Rates In Morbidly Obese Skyrocket Without Bariatric Surgery  
A recent study published in Elsevier, a medical journal covering surgery for obesity and related diseases, found mortality rates in morbidly obese people who defer bariatric surgical intervention was more than 10 times the expected rate...  Read More>>


2006-06-10 Clinical Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of LapBand® Surgery  
A recent study of 80 overweight adults participating in a 24-month treatment program concluded that gastric surgery with a LapBand® system to be significantly more effective than nonsurgical therapy in reducing weight, resolving the metabolic syndrome, and improving quality of life...  Read More>>


2006-03-29 Study Finds Bariatric Surgery Lowers Cardiac Risk Factors   A new study released by the Mayo clinic reveals the positive impact of Bariatric surgery. Along with weight loss benefits from the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery, they have also discovered important cardiac benefits for patients.  Read More>>



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